My Resume

Abbotsford, BC Canada · 604–866–5424 · me at alantrick dot ca


Professional Experience

Web Developer, Solvere (2015–)

  • Designed/Developed C# MVC.Net application to manage online calls between lawyers and clients
  • Integrated payments using Stripe

Developer, Tri-tech/Spire Systems (November 2011–December 2014)

  • Created large portions the company's primary software product
  • Migrated code from C++ to Python
  • Modernized database to MongoDB and then PostgreSQL
  • Wrote a library to handle common UI-data interaction and reduce development time

Junior Developer, Trinity Western University (May 2010–October 2011)

  • Completed projects and infrastructure rewrites independently (migration to ASP.Net MVC)
  • Set up system to unify technical and user documentation between departments

Student Developer, Trinity Western University (April 2007–April 2010)

  • Deployed MyCourses, a Moodle–based system to manage online courses
  • Developed modules to integrate MyCourses with the school’s existing systems

System Administrator, Faith Academy (August 2005–May 2006)

  • Set up a web server and redesigned the school’s website
  • Configured firewall to do content filtering, virus scanning, and caching
  • Assisted with the maintenance of a 300+ computer network

Web Programmer, CG Emery (January–April 2005)

  • Built an ordering system for the company’s website
  • Created system to display scanned catalogs and marketing materials online

Other Work:

  • Technical Adviser, Trinity Western University (February–April 2007)
  • Web Development Contracting, Art On Site Day Camp (June–July 2006)
  • Plant Nursery Assistant, Ivanov's Nursery (June–August 2006)
  • Laborer, Stonewall Glass (June–August 2004)
  • Deli Clerk, Yellowknife CO-OP (May 2004–June 2004)
  • Time Clerk/Laborer, Nova Construction, Yellowknife (June–August 2003)
  • Grocery Clerk, Stonewall IGA (July 2001–July 2002)

Software Projects

  • Redmine SQL Reports: Plugin for creating reports with arbitrary SQL
  • Django Photocontest: Application for photo uploading, voting with OpenID
  • Moodle YUI Menu: Dynamic Javascript course menu used by several universities
  • Remark: Markup library for BBCode and HTML
  • Fabulous: Library for formatting in text-based applications, supports Python & PHP

Other Skills/Certifications

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