• Dough

    • 300 g flour

    • 150 g yogurt

    • 7g salt

    • 50 g milk

    • 250 g active sourdough starter, 80% hydration

  • 30g garlic butter, melted


  • In a dough pail, mix & kneed all the “Dough” ingredients.

  • Rise.

  • Divide into 8 pieces, with each piece:

    • Shape into a flat ball.

    • (Optional) Proof for 30 minutes.

    • Roll flat with a rolling pin.

    • Spread garlic butter on top.

    • Fry in a cast-iron pan with butter side down.


This recipe is bit “draw the rest of the fucking owl”, because there’s thousands of internet folk who are better at explaining the process of making bread than I am, and the climate in my kitchen resembles the surface of Venus, so my proof times are likely to be wildly different from yours.

Also, I think this recipe is normally made from white wheat flour, either the all-purpose or bread variation. However, we eat an ungodly amount of bread here, so I usually try to use in a decent amount of whole grain flower.