This recipe is intentionally written small. The amounts here are probably good for about 1-2 people. I usually triple the recipe for my family. The left-overs are popular snacks.

Incidentally, this is also a good way to use sourdough discard. If you have a 100% hydration sourdough, just weigh the amount you want to use, and subtract half the weight from the milk and half of it from the flour.


  • Dry

    • 90 g flour (I like it about 60/40 whole grain/white)

    • 2-3 ml salt

    • 3 ml baking powder

  • Wet

    • 1 egg

    • 115 g milk

    • 20 g oil/melted butter

    • Optional: sugar, vanilla, poppy seeds


  1. Mix the dry and wet ingredients separately, any sourdough discard can be put in with the wet ingredients.

  2. Mix dry and wet ingredients together.

  3. Cook on the stove-top, spooning on about 50-100 ml of batter at a time. I use a low-stick pan with an electric range set to 2.5. Be aware that it's easy to burn pancakes with too much heat.