Resume: Alan Trick


Abbotsford, British Columbia





I’m a software and web developer with a wide variety of experience. I believe in using the right tool for a job. I believe in being honest and critical about timelines and capabilities. I think trust is important. I like projects that have real impacts on real people. I like automated testing.

Professional Experience

Backend Developer, Kudoz (May 2017–Current)

  • Rewrote Kudoz’s flagship app for people with disabilities.

  • Built REST API and administration tools with Django and Python and front-end SPA with React and JavaScript on the frontend.

  • Set up and managed deployments using Docker, AWS ECS, and AWS S3.

  • Wrote a scheduling framework to allow users to schedule and re-schedule time easier, and to reduce number of dropouts.

  • Added location-based regions and searches using PostGIS, and tools to import metro station data using the Overpass API.

  • Built system to transcode, process & compress uploaded pictures and videos using PIL & FFmpeg.

  • Implemented “real-time” chat system with django-channels and Redis.

  • Built tools to let the administrators build charts and visualize data.

Web Developer, Solvere (January 2015–May 2017)

  • Designed/Developed C# MVC.Net application to manage online calls between lawyers and clients.

  • Integrated payments using Stripe.

Developer, Tri-tech/Spire Systems (November 2011–December 2014)

  • Created large portions of the company's primary software product.

  • Migrated code from C++ to Python.

  • Modernized database to MongoDB and then PostgreSQL.

  • Wrote a library to handle common UI↔data interaction and reduce development time.

Junior Developer, Trinity Western University (May 2010–October 2011)

  • Completed projects and infrastructure rewrites independently (migration to ASP.Net MVC).

  • Set up system to unify technical and user documentation between departments.

Student Developer, Trinity Western University (April 2007–April 2010)

  • Deployed MyCourses, a Moodle–based system to manage online courses.

  • Developed modules to integrate MyCourses with the school’s existing systems.

Other Work:

  • System Administrator, Faith Academy (August 2005–May 2006)

  • Web Programmer, CG Emery (January–April 2005)

  • Technical Adviser, Trinity Western University (February–April 2007)

  • Web Development Contracting, Art On Site Day Camp (June–July 2006)



Studied Science at University of the Fraser Valley and Trinity Western University


Graduated with honors with BSc in Computing Science at Trinity Western University


Studied Mathematics at University of Waterloo


Studied Humanities at Providence College

Open Source

  • Django Vox: Django app that enables admins to create & edit notification using templates.

  • August: HTML → text renderer

  • Django Admin Stats: Statistics and data visualization for the Django admin.

  • Django Agenda: Django scheduling app

For more info, and inactive projects, see my personal projects.

Other Skills/Certifications