Resume: Alan Trick

Location Abbotsford, British Columbia Phone 604–866–5424 Email Website I’m a software and web developer with a wide variety of experience. I believe in using the right tool for a job. I believe in being honest...

Mountaineering Checklists

tags Outdoors Basic Water, Snack food Sunglasses, Hat, Sunscreen Rain clothing, Warm clothing Gloves, Socks Headlamp, Spare batteries Pack First aid Navigation aids (map/compass, gps, etc) Toilet paper Hiking Basic List Footwear (shoes, boots,...


A popular Filipino breakfast that consists of marinated beef, fried egg, and rice.

The Philippines

Date 2017-5-15 trip date 2017 May 11–23 party Alan Trick, Dorothy Trick tags Trip, 2017, Vacation or Showing Dorothy my homeland Prelude After the biting cold winds of Iceland, and the moderate climbs of California, it was time to go somewhere...


A classic Filipino vinegar & soy sauce marinade.